Behind The Brown SPOT

Skin discoloration. It is one of the biggest concerns I see with my clients. It’s very common and if you aren’t personally dealing with it, I can almost guarantee you know someone who is. 

First, let us dig into some of the many factors that can cause hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tones. Skin discoloration can be influenced by many aspects, but not limited to sun exposure, acne scarring, age spots, and hormonal imbalance.

Sun exposure is the number one cause for hyperpigmentation. I can’t stress enough how important daily sunscreen is. I recommend anything with an SPF of 30 of higher. We have some great SPF options at Village Spa. (I go back and forth with UV Elements Tinted Broad-Spectrum SPF 44 by EltaMD and sunbetter® TONE SMART SPF 68 Sunscreen Compact by SkinBetter Science. Both are really great and effective products.) Remember, just the slightest bit of sun exposure, like driving down the road, can affect your skin. 

Acne scarring is another reason someone may have hyperpigmentation. I know how tempted you may be to pick at that little pimple that decided to show up, but I am begging you to leave the extractions for your next facial with a licensed esthetician. You can potentially cause more damage to your skin resulting in trauma induced hyperpigmentation. 

Age spots are common and usually show up as little brown spots or patches on the face, hands, and arms. As much as I would like to wave a magic wand around and make us stay young forever, I can’t. BUT we do have some tips and tricks to age beautifully. (I’ll get more into that later.)

Melasma. This is another big concern with clients. Melasma is a skin condition that can occur as a result of hormonal imbalances. Pregnancy and the use of hormonal birth control are the most common reasons for these hormonal imbalances to occur. Melanocytes are cells that cause skin pigmentation. During hormonal imbalances, they are stimulated by abnormal levels of estrogen and progesterone causing the melanocytes to produce more melanin, resulting in skin discoloration. 

Now we’re getting to the part that you really want to know. How do we resolve the issue of skin discoloration? As mentioned earlier, sunscreen is going to be your best friend. Even if you aren’t showing signs of sun induced hyperpigmentation, start wearing daily SPF for prevention. You’ll thank me later down the road. It is always easier to prevent than it is to treat. If you already have sun induced hyperpigmentation, daily use of SPF will help to reduce further darkening and will help our process of lessening the pigmented areas during treatments and use of good home care products assigned by a licensed esthetician. 

When we exfoliate, we are removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. This allows for a brighter, smoother, and more even complexion. Exfoliating is essential in any skin care routine, especially in reducing signs of skin coloration. But be careful. Too much exfoliating can cause trauma to the skin creating a secondary issue. 

Correcting serums and antioxidants, such as vitamin C, are going to be vital in aiding the reduction of dark spots. Even Tone Correcting Serum™ accompanied by Alto Defense Serum™ and AlphaRet® Overnight Cream by SkinBetter Science is a great combination for home care products that I recommend to clients battling skin discoloration. 

While we want to stay away from deep peels or laser treatments in the summer (which require more downtime) we do have a lighter peel we can use during the summer months that is safe for your skin. Essential White Peeling Lumiere by Yonka-Paris is my go-to. This 30% glycolic acid is fantastic for brightening dark spots. This peel contains brown algae and time defying vitamin C to leave you with a lighter, brighter, and more even skin complexion. This peel, like all peels will work best in a series of 4. 

Correcting skin discoloration is not going to happen overnight. (Where is that magic wand when I need it?) It is going to take time and commitment to your skin, but we can do it. I would love to be a part of your skin care journey. Contact Village Spa at 254-293-6600 for scheduling. 

Have fun, be good, and be a blessing to others!

Jenna Fogle, LE

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