Wellness Transition

As we transition into the New Year, there are so many things that can guide us into our realm of wellness. I have learned so much from my year in 2020, business and personal. Some things I most definitely would like to forget but there is also so much that I’ll use as a learning tool.

My definition of wellness captures mind, body and soul. I know that for me, if my life is not organized, meaning home AND business, then my MIND will not be at the top of its’ game. It becomes a cloud of messiness. Almost as if it needs a good purging. I make it my goal each year to simplify my closets, pantry, file cabinets, office etc.

I also know that each year my BODY needs a reboot, physically and nutritionally. This year I’m exploring BeachBody. Their meal plans are simple and their exercises are not overwhelming. In the past I would scold myself for skipping a day or two of exercises. Now I tell myself that life happens so just start again. I also schedule my wellness visits to my OBGYN, Dermatologist, Dentist, and Optometrist. Putting it off is not going to get it done, so schedule it.

Next is my SOUL. I have struggled with not feeding my soul in the past. I promise when you do, it will blossom. Your horizons will have a new shade of color to it. Your outlook on life, as we live it, will become vivid with color. Reading scriptures, choosing a positive affirmation or a “must read” book is great soul food. But, our souls also want to be challenged. Try a new culture food, learn a new dance, travel to a new land and meet new people or visit a spa and become one with your zen. Step out of your comfort zone and the experiences will be endless.

As you embark on this wellness journey, keep your mind open to creativity, change and balance. And lastly, be grateful.

Let’s Spa Soon,

Tammy Gilbert
Principle Partner

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