It’s real and it’s here, unfortunately. I know you’re tired of wearing your mask. Believe me, I am too! However, I’m afraid this is going to be the new normal for now so let’s talk about ways to prevent and treat acne caused by wearing a mask all day.

The clinical name for “Maskne” is Acne Mechanica. This type of acne is triggered by friction, excess heat, moisture, or pressure on the skin. Before 2020, Acne Mechanica was mostly seen in students, athletes, soldiers, or anyone in the line of work who must wear a helmet or chin strap. Now, it is becoming more common with the required mask rules in place.

Here are some ways you can start fighting against “maskne” now.

  • If you are wearing a medical mask, make sure that you dispose of it and use a new one every day.
  • If you are wearing a cloth mask, make sure you are washing it every day. This can be done in the washer or hand wash in the sink.
  • Let your skin breathe whenever you have a chance.
  • Avoid wearing makeup like foundation, bronzer, highlighter, or blush. (Mascara, eyeliner, and brow powder are fine.)
  • Stay away from oil-based products.
  • Stay hydrated.

Routine facials with a licensed esthetician and professional skincare products are going to be crucial in fighting against “maskne”. Remember, everything we do in the treatment room is going to be prolonged and enhanced with the right homecare products.

Have fun, be good, and be a blessing to others!

Jenna Fogle, LE
Village Spa

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