We encourage you to arrive 30 minutes early for your appointments to allow time to relax in our complimentary Infrared Dry Sauna.



Begin your experience with a full body exfoliation with a bamboo brush to treat dry skin. We’ll show your feet some love with a foot mask wrapped in steam towels. Indulge in a warm oil massage and a scented body polish (using one of our signature scents) for your entire body.
$225 (60 min massage)
total treatment time 115 mins
$260 (90 min massage)
total treatment time 150 mins


An Ayurvedic therapy that dates back to over 5,000 years ago. This ancient therapy involves a stream of warm oil flowing onto your third eye and over your forehead and scalp. It brings a deep sense of calmness and relaxation that induces stillness in the mind.

$120 stand-alone treatment

$85 as an add-on


This slimming and toning treatment is perfect to help you fit into that little black dress or to help jump start on your weight loss journey. It begins with a 30-minute Infrared Dry Sauna session while sipping on a signature blend of our detox tea. A slimming solution will be applied after showering with a specialty aloe body wash. You’ll then relax on our warm treatment table. This treatment also includes reflexology—total treatment time 110 mins.
$140 (1 session) inchLOSS wrap
$400 (3 sessions) inchLOSS wraps
$800 (6 sessions) inchLOSS wraps