Laser Treatments

At Village Spa we offer a wide variety of laser treatments that provide incredible results. Our laser department is lead by our registered nurse, Regina Johnson. Nurse Johnson has over 18 years experience in treating skin with lasers. She continues to stay abreast of this ever changing field by traveling worldwide for her continuing education.

Lasers can treat multiple skin disorders as well as being used as an ANTI-AGING tool.

IPL (Intense pulsed light) therapy can tackle the causes of acne and its lasting side effects, like scarring. This procedure also kills harmful bacteria and reduces redness and inflammation. Repeated IPL photofacials encourage the skin to shed and renew its outer layer, a process that gradually eliminates scar tissue.

Fraxel Laser– The Fraxel laser treatments work by¬†manipulating laser rays to produce the growth of healthy skin tissue that replaces the damaged cells of acne-scarred skin. It’s a great tool to use in rebuilding collagen and elastin.
Fraxel laser helps to treat: mild to medium-depth acne scars, fine Lines and wrinkles, large pores & textured skin.

BBL (Broadband Light) therapy treat age spots (liver spots), sun damage, redness, broken facial vessels, wrinkles and dull skin. BBL also treats the effects of rosacea. It can also reduce the appearance of freckles and birthmarks. The treatment can be performed on all body areas, such as the face, neck, chest, arms and hands.

With advanced training in lasers, our MEDSPA provides great results in:

Banishing brown spots

Correcting acne & acne scarring

Diminishing fine lines & wrinkles

Tightening pores